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Services for Members Traveling Abroad

FIA Global Services

photo1 JAF members are entitled to services accorded to local automobile club members in various countries around the world (which may or may not be free) upon presentation of a valid JAF membership card at the location. If you make emergency call for the local automobile club, you are required to dial designated reception number for assistance in person, and explain yourself as a JAF member.

Show Your Card Save® program

The Show Your Card & Save®(SYC&S®) program, an international network of affiliated clubs initiated by AAA (American Automobile Association), offers substantial savings for international visitors. When you travel abroad, make sure to take advantage of discount rates at hotels and other partners mainly in North America (excludes Guam and Saipan), Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.

AAA DISCOUNTS REWARDSShow Your Card Save logoShow Your Card Save logo

How to Take Advantage of the SYC&S® Program

If you have a JAF membership card with the SYC&S®logo or AAA Discounts & Rewards ® logo (see left above), present it at partner locations in the country of visit to get discounts.
If you have a JAF membership card that does not have the SYC&S® logo or AAA Discounts & Rewards ® logo(JAF membership card with credit card functions etc), contact the JAF customer service center to get JAF temporary card,and present it at partner locations in the country of visit to get discounts.

Partner Facilities

You can search affiliated facilities in other countries.

United States

Notes on the Use of SYC&S® Program

1. All partner facilities participating in the Show Your Card & Save® program have signed a basic agreement with automobile clubs in the country in question. Discount benefits to international automobile club members are provided in accordance with that agreement.
2. Due to the reason described above, JAF is unable to respond to inquiries or accept reservations on any of the partner facilities participating in the international SYC&S®program.
3. Advance booking is required at some of the partner facilities including hotels. When you call for reservation, please let the operator know that you would like to take advantage of the Show Your Card & Save® program.
* All services are subject to change without notice. Please check up on the latest information before usage.

Camet de Passages en Douane

JAF issues a customs document, named Carnet de Passages en Douane, for your private car registered in Japan.

For Further Information

Please contact JAF branch offices.

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