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Application for JAF Individual Membership (Credit Card Application)

* This form can be used to file an application for up to five family members of the individual membership applicant when the applications are bundled together.

How to Apply

This application form must be filed by person applying for membership.


  • Membership Regulations and Regulations on Joining Fee and Membership Fee
  • JAF's Privacy Policy
  • Statement on Anti-social Forces

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Discounts on joining fee

Discounts on the initial payment of 6,000 yen (2,000 yen joining fee + annual membership fee 4,000 yen x 1 year) are available to credit card applications as shown below:

Contract period Joining fee Annual membership fee Total
1-year 1,500 yen*1 4,000 yen x 1 year 5,500 yen
(discount of 500 yen)
2-years 1,500 yen 4,000 yen x 2 years 9,500 yen
(discount of 500 yen)
3-years 1,000 yen 4,000 yen x 3 years 13,000 yen
(discount of 1,000 yen)
5-years 0 yen 4,000 yen x 5 years 20,000 yen
(discount of 2,000 yen)

*1: The discounts are applied to credit card applications by individual members.

  • * Applications for family membership submitted together with the application for individual membership must be made for the same contract period as the individual member. The total amount billed consists of joining fee and annual membership fee for the individual member plus annual membership fee for the family member(s) (2,000 yen per family member multiplied by the number of years).
  • * All payments must be made in a lump-sum.
  • * Unless you submit a request for withdrawal, your subscription will be renewed automatically and subscription fees for the subsequent years will be automatically billed to your credit card account.
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