Message from President

President Takayoshi Yashiro

I would like to thank everyone for your understanding and unwavering support for JAF’s activities.

Since its establishment in 1963, JAF has provided a broad range of services with a focus on road services to ensure enhanced safety and security for auto users. With the support of our members and stakeholders, JAF has become the third largest auto club in the world.

Lately, the social environment in which we live has changed dramatically with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and internet technology. We are witnessing the arrival of a new era regarding technologies applied in automobiles, changing the way drivers navigate their vehicles.

Amid these developments, we at JAF are working to strengthen our road service system and traffic safety activities so that we are better able to respond to ever-evolving auto technologies and provide secure information to auto drivers.

Also, we have continued its activities based on our slogan, “Anytime, Anywhere with JAF” as part of our commitment to become an auto club that continually seeks to accommodate the diversifying lifestyle needs of our members.

We are constantly working to develop and reinforce our services and programs so that membership benefits may be shared by all our members. In addition, we will expand our networks with our partner facilities and companies to offer plans that accommodate the diverse tastes and likings of different members. At the same time, we will work to raise usability by enhancing digital membership card functions that can be used by smartphones.

JAF will seek to create opportunities that encourage more young people to join the motor society since many youngsters are not as keen to drive or own a car as those in older generations. Also, JAF will launch proactive measures to respond to social challenges, such as the increase in the number of senior drivers and widening differential between urban and regional areas, by establishing themes including promoting the dissemination of advanced automotive safety technologies and encouraging drivers to go on driving trips to outlying regions.

JAF will keep up its contributions to the sound development of auto community and provision of services to ensure the satisfaction of our members.

Takayoshi Yashiro
Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)

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