Message from President

President Takayoshi Yashiro

I would like to thank everyone for your understanding and unwavering support for JAF’s activities.

As of March 31, 2016, JAF has a total of 18,460,928 members, and membership increased by around 297,000 people for the year. We intend to continue working to strengthen social contribution activities and member services to ensure the satisfaction of our members and other stakeholders.

For JAF’s roadside assistance, we constantly work to enhance and augment our equipment and machinery and continually conduct training in order to accommodate ever-evolving automotive technologies and diversifying its needs. We have established a nationwide network for providing consistent, highly satisfactory services, from the call center to the field.

In the area of social contribution activities, in addition to standard traffic safety activities, we place emphasis on awareness-raising activities for promoting progressive automotive safety technologies, which have advanced remarkably in recent years, and on conducting user testing based on societal needs. Moreover, in response to the Japanese government’s drive to revitalize outlying regions, we will conduct a variety of local vitalization support measures, including driving tours, in coordination with municipal governments, under the slogan, “Drive to revitalize the community.”

For automobile users, buying a car and paying the taxes involved in owning it can be a significant financial burden, and compared to other countries, driving in Japan can also be quite expensive because of the high expressway tolls. JAF will join forces again this year with related organizations to strongly lobby Japan’s ministries to make it easier for people to own and use their cars.

We’ve created a new slogan this year for our member services: “Anytime, Anywhere with JAF,” and will focus on enhancing programs and services so that our discount programs and wide range of other high-quality services can be used precisely when they are needed. In addition, we will work to raise usability by improving our website and digital membership card functions, and for members, we will actively provide information utilizing JAFMate and JAFPLUS as well as digital technologies.

In the area of motorsports, JAF will work to increase participation by actively holding a new event called “AUTOTEST.”

This fiscal year JAF intends to continue developing these various activities in line with our basic philosophy, which reads: “As a public-service organization, JAF is dedicated to providing auto users services that enhance their safety and their sense of security while aggressively promoting campaigns for the safety and smooth running of traffic and contributing to the sound development of autocommunity.”

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support.

Takayoshi Yashiro
Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)

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