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JAF's road service is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to breakdowns or accidents on the road (includes homes and parking lot) anywhere in Japan. JAF members can receive most of the road services - with the exception of some works - free of charge.

Example of Road Service Charges?<eth>@(as of 1 Apr. 2014)

Locked out
on ordinary road
(In case of locking the key inside a domestic car)
Flat battery
on ordinary road
Towing of disabled vehicle
on expressway (15km)
Locked out Flat battery Towing of disabled vehicle
Members : Free
Day (8:00-20:00 ) : 12,880 Yen
Night (20:00-8:00) : 14,940 Yen
Members : Free
Day (8:00-20:00 ) : 12,880 Yen
Night (20:00-8:00) : 14,940 Yen
Members : Free up to first 15 km
Day (8:00-20:00 ) : 31,910Yen
Night (20:00-8:00) : 34,990Yen

* An extra fee may be charged to both members and non-members for moving vehicles in an accident, pulling up of vehicles from ditches or from other locations outside the road.
* Expressway toll fee for JAF patrol vehicle and traffic flow surveillance patrol vehicle will be charged to non-members.

Just dial "0570-00-8139" or "#(pound key) 8139", and we'll come to the rescue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individual and Family members are eligible for JAF's road service regardless of whether the member owns the vehicle or not. That means you're covered when you drive your own car, your friend's car, your company's car, rent-a- car or other vehicles subject to road service. Under Corporate membership, anyone who belongs to the company registered with JAF is entitled to JAF's road service provided the vehicle number is printed on the membership card.
* All JAF members, regardless of the type of membership, must present their membership card at the road service site. Membership rates will not apply if they fail to show their membership card.

Road Services Available and Applicable Areas

JAF road service responds to troubles concerning vehicle functions or troubles that prevent driving, as shown below, which occur on the road, home garage, public parking lot, or similar places. There is no set limit as to how many times one can call and take advantage of JAF's road services.

1. Major troubles concerning vehicle's structural unit
(1) Flat battery and other battery-related problems
(2) Failure to start the engine and other engine-related problems
(3) Broken belt and other belt-related problems
(4) Leakage of mission oil and other oil-related problems
(5) Flat tire and other tire-related problems
(6) Failure or malfunctioning of lights
(7) Broken brake lever and other problems that occurred after a motorcycle’s falling accident
2. Major troubles that prevent driving
(1) Locking of the key inside the vehicle
(2) Running out of gas
3. Services for major troubles following an accident or falling
(1) Towing of vehicle involved in an accident, or transportation of such vehicle on a car-transporting vehicle
(2) Pulling up vehicle from ditches or other locations outside the road

  * In case temporary repairs cannot be applied or the vehicle in distress cannot be fixed to run on its own on the spot, JAF road service will tow the said vehicle or transport it on a car-transporting vehicle to the nearest car dealer, maintenance shop, parking lot, or other locations.

Type of motor vehicles subject to JAF Road Service
Revised on April 1, 2010

1.  Vehicles subject to JAF Road Service are motor vehicles (including mini-cars) and motorized bicycles weighing 3,000kg or less that have a maximum loading capacity of 2,000kg or less
2.  Motor vehicles weighing 3,001kg or more are eligible only for locked key and out-of-gas rescue operations
* Large-size special purpose vehicles and small-size special purpose vehicles are not eligible for either of the services above.

Remarks regarding Road Service
Road Service does not cover vehicles weighing more than 3,000 kg including their cargo. And in case of a long-distance transfer or infringement of the law such as illegally remodeled vehicles, vehicles that have not passed the current car inspection (Sha-ken), vehicles not covered by compulsory automobile liability insurance, or drunken driving, the Service will not be provided.
The Service may not be provided for vehicles on which JAF's equipment and/or vehicles do not work effectively (for example, unlocking of specially constructed keys, serious accidents or fallen vehicles) or whose construction does not allow towing, or when there is no place nearby to tow the disabled car. Even in such cases, please contact our Road Service Call Center in the area so that we can assist you such as by introducing other service providers that can deal with the situation.
The Service may not be provided even for applicable vehicles in the event they are carrying loads such as valuable or hazardous goods, or perishable products that our Service might damage, degrade or endanger.
We cannot assist you on roads that are closed to traffic, seasonally closed or for construction work, where general vehicles are prohibited from passing, and in areas that the Minister in charge has designated as "no thoroughfare" for reasons of the nature and/or environmental conservation. The Service may also not be provided when it is extremely difficult for our vehicle to travel such as on icy or snowy roads, or in non-level areas, coastal areas or riversides, as well as in the event a natural disaster could threaten or make our work difficult.
In some isolated islands, the Road Service cannot be provided.
Flat tires may not be fixed at site. Please consult us when you call.
In case of breakdown or accident on a road, precautions such as placing a stop sign should be taken to avoid secondary accidents. Especially on expressways and motorways, the law requires drivers to place a stop sign behind their vehicles. After taking those precautions, please move to a safe place such as outside of the guardrail and wait for our service car to arrive.
If special expenses such as parking fees at parking lots or fees for a car ferry (both ways) arise, such expenses will be borne by the customer who requested the Service.
Some types of our work require the driver's license or car inspection certificate to be shown.
If the Service requested may affect the place or possessions of a third party, please contact those concerned for their approval.
Road Service operations on expressways and motorways inherently involve major risks. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated as it may take some time for us to take proper safety precautions.


Revised in October, 2016
NORMAL Streets and Thoroughfares
BASIC CHARGES FREE Day (0800-2000) 8,230yen (7,621yen for service charge plus 609 yen for consumption tax)

Night (2000-0800) 10,290yen (9,528yen for service charge plus 762yen for consumption tax)
WORK CHARGES Free up to first 30minutes upon arrival or 0.5km man-hour equivalent of work Calculated and billed as per JAF 930yen per Working Index of 0.1 as per JAF Road Service Work Table (861yen for service charge plus 69yen for consumption tax)
TOWING CHARGES Free up to first 15kms towed and 720yen per km or Fraction in excess of 15kms (667yen for service charge plus 53yen for consumption tax) 720 yen per kilometer (667yen for service charge plus 53yen for (consumption tax)
SUPPLIES/SPARES Billed at cost to JAF (Including consumption tax)
CHARGES "Supplies" includes gasoline and oil, puncture repairs.
Motorways and Cross-Country Throughways
BASIC CHARGES FREE   Day (0800-2000) Night (2000-0800)
Rate A 16,460 yen (15,241yen for service charge plus 1,219yen for consumption tax) 19,540 yen (18,093yen for service charge plus 1,447yen for consumption tax)
In case Road Service conducts operations on a main through lane, acceleration/deceleration lane, at a bus stop or other locations where Rate B does not apply.
Rate B 10,290 yen (9,528yen for service charge plus 762 yen for consumption tax) 12,340 yen (11,426yen for service charge plus 914 yen for consumption tax)
In case Road Service travels to a service area/parking area (excludes acceleration and deceleration lanes) on the expressway and completes road service operations at the site.
WORK CHARGES Same as for normal streets above (Including consumption tax)
TOWING CHARGES Same as for normal streets above (Including consumption tax)
SUPPLIES/SPARES CHARGES Same as for normal streets above (Including consumption tax)
TOLL FEE FOR JAF PATROL VEHICLE FREE Billed at cost to JAF (Including consumption tax)
TOLL FEE FOR VEHICLE OF THE GUARD FREE Billed at cost to JAF (Including consumption tax)
Note. Please note that an extra fee may be charged to both members and non-members for moving vehicles in an accident, pulling up vehicles from ditches or from other locations outside the road, for towing 4WD vehicles, or other special operations.

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