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Disount Services by JAF's Partner Facilities

Note: * The coverage of discount may be changed or canceled without notice
  * Contact every partner facilities in advance to confirm whether discount is applicable or not depending on condition of your usage

photo JAF members can get discounts at its partner facilities around the nation in an array of areas including leisure venues, hotels, rent-a-car services, ferry fares, and package tours.

Show your JAF membership card at the facility to take advantage of special discounts. Some partner facilities require that you present a coupon cut out from JAF Mate (Japanese version only) available to JAF members, along with your membership card.
The name and telephone number of some rent-a-car companies, reservation centers of hotel chains, and ferry companies that offer discount with JAF are shown below.You can find out many other partner facilities, which are not included in the list, on our website.
    (excerpt list in English, combined with the SYC&S information for foreign club members coming to Japan)
    http://www.jaf.or.jp/memship/privileg/cam/index2.htm (complete list in Japanese)
For the latest information, visit our Japanese website (shown above), or contact the nearest JAF branch office.


(1) For reservations, call the hotel reservation center shown below and inform your JAF membership number.
(2) In principle, a 10% discount off the basic accommodation charge (taxes and service charge excluded) is available for up to six persons with one JAF membership card.
(3) Show your JAF membership card when you check in. If you do not have your card with you, you will not be entitled to the discount.

(as of 29 Feb. 2008)
Hotel Reservation Centers
Tokyu Hotels 0120-21-5489
(Toll Free)
Sun Route Hotel Chain 03-3590-3434 (Tokyo)
Washington Group Hotels 03-3343-8849 (Tokyo)
052-962-8849 (Nagoya)
06-6358-8849 (Osaka)
GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts 03-3297-8831 (Tokyo)
052-932-8300 (Nagoya)
06-4395-0032 (Osaka)
Solare Hotels & Resorts 03-6402-7120 Prince Hotels & Resorts 0120-00-8686
(Toll Free)
(Toll Free)
STARWOOD Hotels & Resorts 0120-00-3535
(Toll Free)
Okura Hotels & Resorts
(Toll Free)


Rent-a-car service is available to JAF members at about 5-30% off the basic charge (which varies from company to company) for one car per member. Call the respective company's reservation centers shown below and inform the personnel your JAF membership card number. You will be asked to show your JAF membership card when you rent a car. Please note that all companies have some models and areas to which discounts do not apply.

(as of 11 Mar. 2015)
Rent-a-car (Discount Rate)
Toyota Rent-a-car
(10% off)
(Toll Free)
Orix Rent-a-car (10% off) 0120-30-5543
(Toll Free)
Nissan Rent-a-car
(10% off)
(Toll Free)
(*for overseas)
(Toll Free)
Nippon Rent-a-car
(About 5% off)
(Toll Free)
(*for overseas)
(Toll Free)
Times Car RENTAL
(20% off)
Dollar Rent-a-car
(*for overseas)
(Toll Free)
*To hire a rent-a-car outside Japan, reservations must be made in advance in Japan. Contact the rent-a-car company to inquire and confirm the rates, method of use, insurance and other notes before making a reservation.
** Note: For reservations at Hertz or Avis, you will be required to inform "JAF discount number"; to obtain the number, contact the nearest JAF branch office.


Discount fare for ferries are available to JAF members as shown below. Call the ferry company and inform your JAF membership card number upon reservation. Show your JAF membership card or hand in your discount coupon at the ferry boarding counter. In principle, discount applicable per JAF member is one passenger car and passengers not exceeding the authorized number for that vehicle. In principle, JAF's discount for ferry fares must be used alone and cannot be combined with other forms of discounts.

(as of 30 Dec. 2008)
Ferry (Route)
Tokyo Wan Ferry
Miyazaki Car Ferry
MOL Ferry
029-267-4133 KANSAIKISEN
(Osaka-Kobe-Imabari-Matsuyama-Oita, Kobe-Oita,Osaka-Beppu)
Nankai Ferry


Taiheiyo Ferry
(Sendai-Tomakomai, Nagoya-Sendai,
03-3564-4161 A" LINE
(Tokyo-Shibushi, Shibushi-Naze,
Shibushi-Yoron, Shibushi-Naha,
Tokyo-Naha, Tokyo-Yoron, Tokyo-Naze)

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